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Your phone sucks.

Your mouse and keyboard should be portable.

Your television should be a communication device.

We know.


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Do you have a portable keyboard and mouse?


Wireless keyboard and mouse have a range of thirty feet.

If you are not leaving the desk

you are doing it all wrong.


SERFPAD® TV TRAY is the only portable keyboard tray that secures your favorite keyboard and mouse;


Leave the desk and move about the room.


Goldilocks, and the three nerds…

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You might be one of those people who appreciates premium quality paired with American Made Award Winning – Internationally Patented design:

Work or Play on any Computer in the Room

Use your preferred Mouse and Keyboard

Secure your Full or Mini Keyboard

Easy Transport and Storage

Protect your Investment

Perfect Ergonomics

8″ x 10″ Mousepad





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9 out of 10 mechanical engineers agree:

“The best solution is the most simple.”

People who purchase a SERFPAD® TV TRAY tell us:

“Honestly, it is hard to believe that these did not exist before.”

“This is the perfect size for sitting on the sofa or even sitting at the desk.”

“This keyboard and mouse lapdesk is the greatest thing ever!”

“One of the best purchasing experiences I have EVER had.”

“Superb customer service and an excellent product.”

“Works very well for living room gaming.”

What will you say?


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how does a serfpad work gif

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goldilocks and the three nerds serfpad vs trackpad



What do you do when your evil child-labor competitors keep posting false reviews about your product?


Keep building a superior product.


Finally, a secure ambidextrous lap desk and portable keyboard tray for your wireless keyboard and mouse. You can take your wireless keyboard and mouse anywhere and #access everything; easier. If you want to use a bigger screen, SERFPAD® TV TRAY is the best lap desk with a giant mousepad and the best keyboard tray that is portable. Use it with a micro pc or mini pc or stick pc or laptop or desktop computer connected to a television, projector, or monitor; from the couch, bed, den, living room, office, kitchen, podium, work station, garage, hotel, boardroom, desk, or chair. For presentation, education, work, play, gamers, students, teachers, bloggers, presenters, home theater, htpc, teaching, designers, real estate, offices, POS point of sale, entrepreneurs, agents, therapist, public speaking, retail business, disabilities, home business, netflix, doctors, decorators, torrents, gaming, professionals, projects, hospitals, feng shui, creating, seniors, editors, binge watching, families, seeing and sight issues, religious, movie night, check-in, presentation, professors, children, p2p, b2b, writing, pirates bay, parties, blogging, community centers, ergonomics, home video, recipes, authors, church, legal activities, publishing, crafts, universities, political, attorneys, photographers, online television, teens, shopping, sports, games, private activities, blogs, hulu, artist, electronic sports, medical, adults, sharing, social media, and you know what… For Mac, Windows, PC, Android, Chrome, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, eBay, Skype, and everything else that is currently online or is yet to be created on the web! SERFPAD® TV TRAY is simply the best lap desk keyboard tray for your wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Award Winning Design. International Patents. Made in the U.S.A.

SERFPAD® TV TRAY – The only portable keyboard tray and lapboard that secures your favorite wireless keyboard & mouse so that you can leave the desk and take them anywhere to #access everything. (Made In America – International Patents)

Last Updated January 1st 2017, on a 70″ Sharp AQUOS 4K, from a La-Z-Boy by the living room window, watching the snow fall on the beautiful Cascades, with a SERFPAD® TV TRAY STYLE, a Logitech® MX800 Combo (Illuminated Keyboard and Perfomance Mouse); Enjoying the winter wonderland and a good movie.


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